Last Supper 

Today was our last day on the farm. We spent most of it at the neighbour’s for their kids’ birthday party! Which means we had cake with a lot of cattle farmers. 
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We got up quite early today to give ourselves time to explore the area a bit when we’d finished our jobs. Jake went off to finish the door we worked on yesterday. On his way there he saw a number of parrots and when he got back he saw a gecko in the car port.

Meanwhile, I stayed at the beach house to cut back the plants along the driveway, during this time I got pooped on by a bird, and had this little lovely waiting for me in the bushes:

I would’ve preferred Jake’s animal sightings, if I’m being honest. Here is a photo of the cut plants and a blue sky:

Once Jake was happy the paint was dry, he came back and we headed to the beach! We played with a frisbee and there might be some footage on our Instagram later of me floating 🙂 

Then we headed to north Bundaberg to view a car- unfortunately the ‘aircon’ that was advertised was a lie and you definitely need aircon in your car here so we decided not to go ahead and purchase.

After feeling a bit deflated we decided to have a walk through Bundaberg and found my idea of heaven..

Anywhere that sells a minimum of two scoops of gelato is a winner in my eyes. 


Jake & Georgia