Free Camping

So we survived our night parked up by the sea.. we had a brief moment of panic when a police car pulled up, thankfully they were pulling someone over. I want to stress that we don’t believe we slept somewhere illegal, but I can’t without a doubt confirm that we were allowed to sleep there either as  google wasn’t much help.

I have now downloaded an app that tells you where all the free camping sites are near your location so tonight we are heading somewhere that is allowed to be slept at!

Our morning view wasn’t too bad either 

Today we got bits and bobs we hadn’t got round to buying previously as we didn’t think we’d be living in our car so soon.

We also found Yorkshire tea!

And I got sunburnt whilst it was cloudy so that isn’t a myth and I will be wearing sun cream every day from now on.

We’re going to head to our next stop and cook up some pork chops whilst it’s still light! I’ll leave you with a video of Jake sorting out our salty windows:


Jake & Georgia



Bundaberg, Our Old Friend

We arrived in the Bundaberg region at around 6:30pm last night. We got to the hostel and were told we’d be staying in the farmers house for a few days as there wasn’t a double bed in a private room until a lady left staying in one left.

We asked a few questions about working hours and wage and weren’t given direct answers. This morning we also found the original price we were told we’d have to pay per week was not correct and he wanted double.So we are no longer picking tomatoes and are now cooking sausages and pasta on a barbecue by the beach wondering where this part of our journey will lead.


Jake & Georgia 


Concrete Jungle 

We spent yesterday and today exploring the built up areas of the Goldcoast as we felt we’d had our fix of rainforest! 

We headed to Surfers Paradise yesterday, from the look of the skyline we were expecting a big Aussie version of New York.. instead we got a lot of apartment blocks and a very disappointing centre. But we still took some photos to show you guys:

Then we went to watch Burleigh King of the Hill, it started off with a kid crashing their car, and then there was torrential downpour but everyone was in good spirits!

Then today we went and bought some bedding and a few more bits and bobs we’d need to live out of the car

We then headed to a cafe for lunch and I only remembered to take a photo of my juice, so I’ll pop in another of our drinks from yesterday:

Then we had ice cream on the beach despite the strong winds! And headed to a mall to make up for the disappointment of yesterday and it was a huge American Style one so didn’t disappoint!

Tomorrow we head back towards Bundaberg as we have secured a place at a hostel there and some tomato picking work from Friday! 

We’ll keep you updated on our road trip.


Jake & Georgia 



We got up quite early today to give ourselves time to explore the area a bit when we’d finished our jobs. Jake went off to finish the door we worked on yesterday. On his way there he saw a number of parrots and when he got back he saw a gecko in the car port.

Meanwhile, I stayed at the beach house to cut back the plants along the driveway, during this time I got pooped on by a bird, and had this little lovely waiting for me in the bushes:

I would’ve preferred Jake’s animal sightings, if I’m being honest. Here is a photo of the cut plants and a blue sky:

Once Jake was happy the paint was dry, he came back and we headed to the beach! We played with a frisbee and there might be some footage on our Instagram later of me floating 🙂 

Then we headed to north Bundaberg to view a car- unfortunately the ‘aircon’ that was advertised was a lie and you definitely need aircon in your car here so we decided not to go ahead and purchase.

After feeling a bit deflated we decided to have a walk through Bundaberg and found my idea of heaven..

Anywhere that sells a minimum of two scoops of gelato is a winner in my eyes. 


Jake & Georgia 


When the cat’s away..

The mice will still work very hard. 

Jake dropped Andrew and Deb off at the airport early this morning as they’re going to Sydney for a few days to watch their son perform before he heads off to a ballet school in Germany on a scholarship.

We made the most of being up a bit earlier and had a swim in the sea, you can see the video on our Instagram!

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