Melbourne Part 2.

We spent the majority of our second day walking more and exploring more. We went to a donut and coffee place called Short Stop, I had my first ever latte here and I’m happy to say I really enjoyed it! I also had a chocolate peanut butter caramel donut. I took a photo but didn’t realise there was shadowing on it.. here it is anyway!

After we were pretty content that we’d seen most of what we could we checked out of our hotel and headed to the airport.

We’ve just landed.. in London Heathrow!

We had to come home due to lack of funds, wanting to sort the bank out and we felt we got everything out of Australia that we could.

We are of course disappointed that our trip hasn’t quite gone to plan, but we’re happy to be home!


Jake & Georgia



4 thoughts on “Melbourne Part 2.”

  1. Well, well………………we’ve been in Lynmouth all week and there is no signal most of the time! So this is a surprise but not unexpected. Welcome home!!!

    The Banks have been disrespectful and treated you badly causing you to give up you’re travel plans and Australia. I’m relieved that you are safe and home but now it’s time to bring those responsible to account.
    Looking forward to some catch up …………XXxx


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