Hello from Sydney! 

Day 1.

We spent the night in a hotel near the airport then caught an Uber to our inner city hotel just off Liverpool Street. Then we headed off towards the Sydney Opera House. The weather has been a slightly warmer version of Spring in the U.K.- cloudy, rainy, cold, hot, sunny. So the Opera House was amongst clouds.

And to our left was the Sydney Harbour Bridge:

We then headed towards a market and had a look around before we grabbed some lunch. After lunch we did a lot of walking and exploring. We ended up at Darling Harbour and stopped at a Japanese restaurant for our evening meal, followed by some gelato further up the harbour.

The harbour at night was beautiful.

Day 2.

This morning we headed to Balmain. We had a lovely breakfast at a cafe, mine was Nutella French toast, obviously.

Then we headed to a tattoo studio, Tora Sumi, where I got a tattoo (sorry again Dad). To make it a real Aussie experience a huntsman spider decided to make a guest appearance. My tattoo artist Eduardo, was Brazilian and completely unfazed by the spider so he continued to design my tattoo. Meanwhile the receptionist freaked out along with myself and Jake, and two tattoo artists managed to catch the spider with a bin and eventually got him outside. They graciously gave me a free tshirt due to the ordeal! 

We caught an Uber back towards the centre and headed towards Sydney Fish Market where we both had oysters for the first time amongst some other great sea food.

We then went to the botanical gardens and a bit closer to the Opera  House.

Then we had some spicy pizza for dinner and now we’re back at the hotel, resting our tired legs and preparing for our morning flight to Melbourne! 


Jake & Georgia 



4 thoughts on “Sydney”

  1. Wowee….loving the pics of Sydney….your Grandad has no facility here (Lynmouth) to comment,so I am using my iPad…he says it’s good to see you are continuing your adventure albeit in a different way…stay safe …love from us both ,plus Ted xx 🐶


  2. Hello again my darlins’, The pictures are brilliant and lovely to read such a great blog about all the goings on 🙂
    Your tattoo looks amazing Georgia.
    The food you are both eating sounds wonderful too – how were the oysters? It does look lovely there. You will both be sleeping now and not sure what time your flight is in the morning. Safe travels onto your next destination – enjoy Melbourne. Sending lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx


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