Weight Lifted 

Just to fill you all in on some background issues we’ve been having with our car- when we bought the car on 9th October we did it via bank transfer as we assumed this would be the quickest way to pay. However the payment never made it to the car dealer’s bank account. Now almost 4 weeks on we still have very little knowledge on where exactly our money is as the car dealers still don’t have it.

Last night we received a message off the car dealer to say they cannot wait for the payment anymore and that we’d have to return the car or go into their bank and put the full amount of money into their account.

We do not have the funds so we returned the car this morning and the dealer has offered to keep our camping gear in storage until we can find a buyer for it. 

The dealer then dropped us off at the train station and we caught a train to Brisbane Airport.

Jake captured this shot from the train.

So now we are waiting a few hours before we catch a flight to Sydney! We are quite relieved that we can now leave the Gold Coast as we had been hanging around waiting for the payment to go through, so this is a massive weight off our shoulders.

We’ll let you know when we land in Sydney!


Jake & Georgia 



10 thoughts on “Weight Lifted ”

  1. Yes I had some knowledge of this from “Mum” but have said nothing, but now you have put it on the blog I have to say I’m livid with the Banks behaviour and subsequent failure to sort this.
    I take it you are thousands of dollars out of pocket and spent a great deal of time stressing about the non actions of a group of job worths who get paid good money for doing nothing.
    OMC would have gone into the Bank sat down and announced that I will not move untill I have results, let em’ call the police, attempt to kick you out, you name it I would resist.
    This is a disgrace and has put a sad tinge to your travels, I hope upon hope that this mess is sorted. I guess the dealer has been very patient but there would appear to be more questions than answers here!!……………II am very sad for you……enjoy Sydney

    Love you XX

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    1. Hi Grandad, yes the dealer was very patient with us and did try to come up with other ways to help us but returning the car was the only way.. we’re going to fly to all the cities we wanted to see and then think about where we’ll head afterwards.
      Unfortunately the bank still has a lot to answer for and also has a lot of money that they need to get back for us. We’re feeling a lot better now we don’t have the weight of knowing we haven’t paid for the car we’re living in though so we were very happy and relieved to return it! Hopefully we’ll have a good time in Sydney to make up for all the rubbish we’ve been dealing with!
      Love you xx


  2. Well at least your plan “B” sounds attractive and exciting for you both and will hold some lovely memories as the days unfold.
    I’m at an age where when the world has taken some of my good nature and stamped on it so you tend to start stamping back, so take a tip and stand your ground, don’t be riddiculed by arrogance and let em’ know you mean business then at least they know where they stand!! XX……….XX


  3. You know my thoughts on this so I won’t dwell but I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy city life now ☺️ Stay safe both and I look forward to seeing the next lot of pics!!
    Lots of love 😘😘

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  4. Sorry to hear about your car. I hope it’s going to be sorted soon ,in my experience you will just have to keep on top of it and be a real pain in the neck calling the bank non stop,!!! If it had been the other way round the bank would have taken your money in a blink of an eye!! Enjoy Sydney looking forward to hearing more of your travels, you make me smile every day😍😜xx


    1. We’ve been calling every night which doesn’t seem to be paying off yet but hopefully soon we can get an idea of what’s going on.. their phone lines only open 8am-8pm UK time so the time difference is making it a bit challenging! We’ll get there ☺️
      Glad you’re enjoying the posts! xx


  5. Glad you’re still enjoying.
    Sydney sounds like an excellent plan …. I assume a visit to the Bank in question is top priority? Make a nuisance of yourselves I’m sure you’ve been way too polite 😙😙😙. DM me the details and I’ll happily poke some people this side 😂


    1. Can’t visit the bank as HSBC Australia is completely different to HSBC UK apparently, so we’re just ringing them every day to chase them. Ah you won’t be able to sadly- they won’t even talk to me! Only Jake 🙄😂


  6. We are away in Lynmouth in Devon…no signal ,no wifi…except when in pub as we are now 👍🏻🙂…but Grandad says be a big pain in there neck..keep pestering..enjoy Sydney 💕🌦🌊💨🌬.weather update in Devon…clouds,a bit of blue sky…temp 9C …and windy…😨,but the sea is beautiful ….to look at,no skinny dipping here 😱😂…lots of love xx


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