The Hungry Caterpillar

Last night we stayed at Gold Coast Holiday Park as there are no free camps around the Gold Coast! It was fairly cheap though and facilities include kitchens, laundry room, hot tub, swimming pool and cafe. So we had a nice evening swim and enjoyed some hot showers!

This morning whilst we made porridge we had a little visitor. A catipillar crawled onto Jake’s leg. Once we freed the caterpillar from Jake’s leg hair, we headed to Tropical Fruit World.

Here we had a tractor ride around all the different fruit plantations which included mangos, bananas, coffee, avocados, macadamia nuts, dragon fruit, guava, custard apples, lychees and a whole lot more! 

After the tractor ride we had a ride on a miniature train and then followed that with a river cruise. The river cruise stopped at a small farmyard where you could stroke sheep, cows, a massive horse called Sherman and some cheeky donkeys.

I have tried to upload photos for you but the uploads (except for the one above) have all failed so I made a video instead and that worked! 

Apologies for all the competitive background music on the videos- the app I use has a limited choice.

So now we’re back at the holiday park because it’s the best value for money we can find. We’re going to go for a dip.


Jake & Georgia 



2 thoughts on “The Hungry Caterpillar”

  1. Oooorh! I love your little Vid’s…………high guys hope you’re well and keeping cool.
    Custard Apples?………that’s a new one on me,are there any Custard Bananas ?!!
    Looks as though you’re experiencing some brilliant Aussie culture and it’s great to share it with you.
    They do seem to have the camping sites sorted over there, but then that’s Australia I guess. I see it’s around 27 C at the moment, bit different to 10 C !! Watch out for more than hungry caterpillars……BTW you 2 take a good photo on your little trips. Love you, take care and stay safe XX


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