This morning started off eating eggs and flat bread with some Muslim’s that had camped next to us. The food was lovely and Abdullah, who has been living in Brisbane for 12 years, was intrigued in Jake’s beliefs considering he works in science, all light topics for breakfast… 

We headed off around 9am for Australia Zoo, Steve Irwin’s pride and joy. We managed to survive the whole day here despite the temperature being into the 30’s! 

We are now at a campsite around 4km from the zoo, it’s $15 a night but involves showers and after this heat it seems a small price to pay for feeling clean!

We’re hoping it cool down considerably this evening as sleeping in the car at these temperatures is no fun, and the amount of mosquitos and spiders around means leaving windows open isn’t an option.

Here’s to a shower and hopefully a comfortable nights sleep!


Jake & Georgia 


9 thoughts on “Crikey! ”

  1. Hi both, yes well after that little blog I’m feeling a bit itchy myself. Sleeping in temperatures that linger into the night is always uncomfortable and in a metal box effectively.
    I guess the coast is your only saviour and even a short distance inland is a warmer clime’.
    Reading about the Zoo it has some excellent reviews but 100 acres takes some walking around in the heat………….you need Gelato ………Take care, stay safe XX

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  2. Great to hear you had a great day at the zoo. Did you see the crocodiles!? The koalas look lovely 😊
    Enjoy those showers and hope you had a cooler nights sleep. Love you lots 😘😘😘


  3. Good to hear you had a lovely breakfast to start the day. Loving the photos 😊 Jake looks like he really got in touch with Buddha 🙏🏼 Hope you’ve managed a good sleep and that it’s cooled down a bit xxx


  4. Sleep is so overrated!! No one ever said ‘I wish I got more sleep’ … when old and talking about regrets!! hugs and kisses xxx keep on with the adventure …


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