Keppel Island 

This morning we ate breakfast, bought a coffee and headed off towards Rosslyn Bay. 

From here we took a 30 minute ferry over to Keppel Island, it was relatively calm waters and we spotted a pelican! 

Once on the island we headed into the bush and followed the signs to Shelving Beach. And we were not disappointed with the beautiful secluded white sand cove. We popped our goggles on and headed in! 

On our first snorkelling expedition we went to the left of the beach and found lots of pale silvery fish and then some that were silver and black striped! We need to do some further research to find out what they actually were. 

On our second snorkelling expedition we headed to the right of the beach and floated gently along the top of the reef (I managed to get some minor cuts to my feet, knee and bottom from the barnacles on the rocks) and we saw more of the same fish! Then we noticed a shadow coming towards us from our left and once it came into the clear we saw that it was a lovely big sea turtle! It came up reasonably close to us and showed off it’s beauty. 

All in all a successful, unforgettable day! 


Jake & Georgia 



4 thoughts on “Keppel Island ”

  1. OOooh that it so lovely guys………..thankyou……..white sands too, I could feel the heat from here it’s absolutely beautiful.
    Enjoy but……..yea,yea’…… stay safe XX


  2. Now that’s what it’s all about. How amazing. It looks absolutely beautiful there. So happy you’ve had such a lovely time – and many more to come 😊🙃
    Sending lots of love ❤️ xxxxxx


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