Lakes and Coffee Breaks 

313km travelled.

We set off from what our campsite this morning with a route planned involving visits to Lake Monduran and if we had time, Lake Awoonga.

It turns out we had a lot of time and very little to do in both of these locations so we headed even further North. We walked around Gladstone and had a coffee and milkshake there before we set off again to find our next camp.

So now we find ourselves behind a BP Garage, planning a trip to Roslyn tomorrow where we will take a ferry to Keppel Island in the hope of doing some snorkelling.

Head over to our Instagram to watch a little video of our day. 


Jake & Georgia 



2 thoughts on “Lakes and Coffee Breaks ”

  1. Aah found you on the laptop, you are just off “Bruce Highway” and it looks like quite a large forecourt BP Garage with trailer parking etc.
    Roads look good with views out to some mountains in the distance, I guess you’ll be heading along the “Scenic Highway” to Fast Cat Criuses area 90 km drive for you Looks beautiful guys………………….this is all speculation of course!!…love the video editing but didn’t realise you had taken an old piano along with you ……………………………….!!!
    Enjoy the days guys but stay safe, love you lots XXXX

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