Mummy Bear’s Porridge

This morning I had a mishap with the sugar and ended up with extremely sweet porridge for breakfast.. ‘it was too sweet’ in the words of Goldilocks.

We decided to head into the nature park we’ve been staying next to, we didn’t get too far as the path was under water but the walk up to that point was beautiful:

Then we got back to our car and called up the garage to see if by any chance the radiator had been delivered. They had received a parcel early this morning and hadn’t had time to check it yet so we waited anxiously whilst th person on the phone went off to find out.. it was our radiator!!! So we packed everything up and headed to the mechanics in Bundaberg.

We then had a lot of time to kill so we walked around Bundaberg and ended up down by the river, where we happened across a free zoo! 

We had just seen the last animals when we got the call to go and pick up our car. We celebrated with… a drive to Aldi! Then headed to the beach at Bargara where we had a swim and our first shower since living in the car!

So all in all a very much needed good day. Tonight we’re going to have pasta and get ready to head off tomorrow and actually start seeing some new places! 


Jake & Georgia 



3 thoughts on “Mummy Bear’s Porridge”

  1. Oooh sorry…… this is a late response from me today, thank goodness the rad’ is fixed we can look forward to new views and interesting experiences from you both woo hoo!! The Zoo looked interesting
    Go carefully and stay safe, lots of love …………XX

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  2. At long last 🙂 that’s great news. You coped and now your off again!

    I’m sorry I don’t say much on here, I am keeping up with you though. It’s good to hear your news and see your photos. I’m not working tomorrow so maybe I’ll reciprocate and post some interesting pics for you on Instagram!!

    I have no idea what the time difference is, but have a great day y’all (is that a bit too American!?)
    G’day … how original :’D xxx


    1. No worries- dad does the same 🙂 yes update your insta! That’d be good
      Haha too American, G’day is better and if you can drop a ‘righto’ in every now and then you’re practically Aussie xxx


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