Radiator Waiting Game

We are sad to inform you that our radiator must still be in transit as we haven’t had the call to come into the garage today. 

As we can’t go too far in the car in case it over heats, we’re a little limited on things to do. So today we relaxed at the camp, washed some of our clothes and made grilled cheese sandwiches.

And now we are loosely planning a route for when the car is in proper working order.

That’s it from us!


Jake & Georgia



2 thoughts on “Radiator Waiting Game”

  1. Sounds frustrating for you both, but as you say it gives you a chance to plan ahead and anyway everything needs to stop when there’s grilled cheese sarnies around…………..tomato sauce is a personal addition but when I was a very small chap of 4 or 5 my nan would make me cheese on toast with Tomato sauce… awesome ……and I’ve never forgotten…stay safe and “May the good fairies sprinkle stardust on your moonbeams” XX

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