Camping Questions Answered 

We are currently lying in bed listening to the sounds of the surrounding tropical storm. So I figured I would spoil you all and give you a second post today!

Whilst speaking to my mum yesterday I realised that whilst you all know we’re living out of our car, you probably have some unanswered questions about how exactly we’re doing it, so I thought I’d give a little run down of our home.
How are we storing everything?

As you might have seen in previous posts, we can fit plastic tubs under our bed- we have 5 of these and use them for various bits and bobs. At night we move our backpacks onto the front seats and in the day we lie them on the bed. Everything else slots in and around the boxes! The windows on the car are tinted so everything is fairly safe in there!

How are we getting water?

Most parks have taps for fresh drinking water so we’re making sure we fill our Jerry cans up whenever we come across a tap. With both Jerry cans full we have 30 litres of water. 

How are we keeping food fresh?

Well as mobile fridges out here cost a bomb and you need to invest in very expensive solar panels and and deep-cycle batteries along with converters and lots of other things that quickly escalate the cost. So we invested in a decent cooler:

We top it up with a bag of ice every two to three days and we’re finding a bag of ice is around $4 from a petrol station so it’s fairly inexpensive to run. Then we keep all of our dry food in one of the plastic boxes we bought.
How are we cooking?
We have a little gas stove running on butane to cook on! So our meals are fairly basic ‘one pot’ recipes. We are also finding that most stops in Australia have barbecues that are free to use so sometimes we have used these to save our gas.

How are we keeping clean?
Well. This has been fairly tricky. Free public showers seem fairly unheard of unless they’re the open air ones at the beaches.. which is fine in good weather and when you’re near the beach. We have not really been near the beach and the weather has been the opposite of beach weather. So we have been settling for having good old fashioned sponge baths! I also managed to wash my hair yesterday with a mug over the sink, it was difficult and a very long process but I did it. 

How are we cleaning our clothes? 
We used a laundrette but it was $4 a wash and then $1 for 6 minutes in the dryer. We think this is a bit of a waste of money so we’re planning on hand washing everything from now on in our multipurpose washing bowl (a fancy purple tub) and we’ve bought some string to use as a washing line.

What are we using for lighting?

We have a very good solar powered lantern which also has back up batteries for when it hasn’t been sunny in the day. And in the car we have used bulldog clips and ran some solar powered fairy lights down the centre of the ceiling and stuck the solar panel on the front of the dash:

Hopefully that sheds some light (haha) on our living situation!


Jake & Georgia



4 thoughts on “Camping Questions Answered ”

  1. Oooh this is a highly informative blog, thanks Georgy’ good to see so much detail on your experiences together.
    Looks like between you these challenges are quite satisfying to master. Seems that over there they do cater for the traveller quite well and there’s nothing like being independant. Especially after your experiences!!!! Hope the tropical storm is soon passing , thanks for the second update of the day, it’s a great read and gives us a better insight to your life on the road. XX Did someone get blown off their feet next to the cooler ? ……….X


  2. We are so impressed with your survival techniques – bear grylls, eat your heart out 😜
    No really, brilliant to hear what you are up to and sounds as those you are managing great with everything. Hopefully the weather will start picking up soon and the rains will stop. Love you lots 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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