Bundaberg Rum 

Today we packed up the car and headed into Bundaberg to take a tour around the Bundaberg Rum Distillery! 

Amazingly only 1% of the Rum makes it out of Australia, so even though it’s award winning it’s unlikely you’ll find it elsewhere. I tried a rum and coke (I annoyingly can’t tell you which rum this was as I just told the barman to pick their favourite..) and then I had their salted caramel rum liquor over ice.. I think I would’ve preferred it over ice cream though! Jake quite enjoyed picking them up on the science mishaps and even attempted to fix a microscope in the museum that was set up wrong:

On the way back to the camp we bought some road atlases so we can start to plan our trip once our radiator is fixed. We also happened upon a cheesecake shop..

I was extremely happy with the wild berry baked cheesecake slice.


Jake & Georgia 



4 thoughts on “Bundaberg Rum ”

  1. Bundaberg Rum & Wild Berry Cheese cake……….. in the same day!!………Australian history & culture first hand eh?.
    Good luck with the radiator progress and plotting your adventure route, love the continuing pictures and progress reports.
    love to you both………..stay safe XX


  2. Great to see you are enjoying the local ‘delicacies’ 😁
    Looking forward to hearing where your road trip takes you once that radiator is fixed.
    I posted something on your blog yesterday but not sure where it went? I obviously pressed something wrong 😜
    You’re both looking and sounding great. Sending lots of love 😘😘😘

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