Yesterday a Scottish couple, Duncan and Jessie, stopped at the rest stop we’re staying at to have a cup of coffee and some biscuits. They also had their puppy Angus with them. They’ve lived all over the place, including South Africa, and Duncan was quite a character. 

Later on in the evening, our camping neighbour the Forensic Scientist/Brain Surgeon/Superman, gave us some of his homemade insect repellent to try. It seemed to do the job so we noted down the ingredients! Then at around 8:30 the heavens opened. Our tarp construction kept the rain off however the ground quickly became very boggy. We managed to get everything packed up and we got ourselves ready for bed without being too damp! 

We headed into town today to grab some food, some more gas for our stove and the insect repellent ingredients. These are: a moisturiser made up of Sorbolene and Glycerine with vitamin e, and 5% citronella oil. He also gave us a recipe for bite relief but it included ammonia which you can’t actually buy in the chemist. So we took the chemists advice and we’ve mixed baby oil, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil- I will let you know if it works! 


Jake used yesterday’s rain to fill up our jerry can by tying rope on to the tarp and putting the end of it in the can:



Jake & Georgia 



4 thoughts on “Downpour ”

  1. Hey Guys good for you,your camp looks like a School Science lab’, glad to hear you’re meeting like minded peep’s.
    Jakes innovated mind is a definite plus and proves the old saying “necessity is the mother of invention”
    II guess when it rains there ……… rains! Your travelling Super camper man has one cool truck with so much kit on it and I love the motorbike attachment……………
    Stay dry and safe,take care ……….lots of love XX


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