Rain, rain

We have managed to source a radiator for our car which has lowered the cost of replacing it considerably. It’ll be sent to the mechanics by Tuesday (hopefully!) so we’re holding tight in the free campsite/rest stop we’ve found. 

Today we will stay at the rest stop and relax! We’ve got enough food for the next few days and we believe we’ve found a good spot at the camp. 

Waiting for porridge!

We have become quite fond of the gentleman you can see in the background. He is Polish originally, he became a refugee and eventually ended up at Oxford University and studied Law and Medicine. He’s now a professor in Forensic Medicine in Paris, but spends a lot of time travelling Australia as he finds he gets more work done here- at least that’s what he tells the university! 

He has made his own remedy for insect bites and has generously given me a bottle as I’ve been up all ours of the night with incredibly itchy and painful mosquito bites.

We are also happy to report that Jake’s awning made of tarp and two poles is holding the rain off! I took a small video to show that he is indeed dry and you can hear our neighbour chatting..you would almost believe that David Attenborough has joined us just by listening to him! 


Jake & Georgia



2 thoughts on “Rain, rain”

  1. Hi both, good to see the plan is coming together or at least something constructive is appearing.
    The tarp seems to be working well and I’m glad to see you’ve connected with someone who may benefit you with some positive wisdom.
    Life is all about making new friends and learning from others experiences, there’s only one culture to stay clear of out there and that’s the young so called adults who do the drugs, sometimes they are hard to spot.
    The radiator problem sounds more promising,overheating the engine is a no,no so you’re wise to rest and chill.
    I have discovered that skipping between Instagram and this site is giving me much more info.
    Stay safe and keep dry……….XX …… OMC almost in rant mode …..sorry UK weather is rubbish X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi OMC, forensic scientist man has been a great help to us! We’ll stay away from any bad influences.
      I hear storm Brian is passing through?!
      I followed you on Instagram so you can find me- it uses less of my battery so I can post there more regularly than here, although I go into more depth here xx


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