Free Camping

So we survived our night parked up by the sea.. we had a brief moment of panic when a police car pulled up, thankfully they were pulling someone over. I want to stress that we don’t believe we slept somewhere illegal, but I can’t without a doubt confirm that we were allowed to sleep there either as  google wasn’t much help.

I have now downloaded an app that tells you where all the free camping sites are near your location so tonight we are heading somewhere that is allowed to be slept at!

Our morning view wasn’t too bad either 

Today we got bits and bobs we hadn’t got round to buying previously as we didn’t think we’d be living in our car so soon.

We also found Yorkshire tea!

And I got sunburnt whilst it was cloudy so that isn’t a myth and I will be wearing sun cream every day from now on.

We’re going to head to our next stop and cook up some pork chops whilst it’s still light! I’ll leave you with a video of Jake sorting out our salty windows:


Jake & Georgia



3 thoughts on “Free Camping”

  1. Hi Both,thanks for the update,
    looks like your plans have changed direction which is what happens sometimes in life, enjoy today and what you have and look foward to tomorrow and new challenges and opportunities
    Doors will open and new experiences will make you smile long into the future.
    Stay safe and keep the corners of your lips turned up ………Yorkshire tea eh?? that is one strong tea……… Love you XXXX


  2. hope you are managing to get a reasonable nights sleep in the car…I am still sleeping on floor in lounge with Ted…so I can sympathise..its a bit like camping
    ..p.s..nice cleaning of the windows Jake…made me smile ..:-)…take care both xx


  3. We are all routing for you both. It’s been a hard start but keep positive and it will all work out great. Sending love and huge hugs 🤗 xxxx😘😘


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