Bundaberg, Our Old Friend

We arrived in the Bundaberg region at around 6:30pm last night. We got to the hostel and were told we’d be staying in the farmers house for a few days as there wasn’t a double bed in a private room until a lady left staying in one left.

We asked a few questions about working hours and wage and weren’t given direct answers. This morning we also found the original price we were told we’d have to pay per week was not correct and he wanted double.So we are no longer picking tomatoes and are now cooking sausages and pasta on a barbecue by the beach wondering where this part of our journey will lead.


Jake & Georgia 



4 thoughts on “Bundaberg, Our Old Friend”

  1. Yum! Bet it tastes better cooked outdoors 😊
    So you’ll get to try out the bed in the car …..how exciting! Stay safe both. Tomorrow’s a whole new day of possibilities 😘😘 xxx


  2. OK………..so…….sounds like you’re being exploited, what’s the issue with these people!!??
    Anyway as “M” say’s a new day and new possibilities, I guess it’s all experience, part of lifes journey and opportunities WILL come along and doors will open………..
    Love you lots XX stay safe.


    1. It’s getting a bit boring now! You wouldn’t think it was hard to find some decent people who do everything by the book and fairly?!
      We’re quite happy in our car bed by the beach tonight though.
      Love you too xx


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