Concrete Jungle 

We spent yesterday and today exploring the built up areas of the Goldcoast as we felt we’d had our fix of rainforest! 

We headed to Surfers Paradise yesterday, from the look of the skyline we were expecting a big Aussie version of New York.. instead we got a lot of apartment blocks and a very disappointing centre. But we still took some photos to show you guys:

Then we went to watch Burleigh King of the Hill, it started off with a kid crashing their car, and then there was torrential downpour but everyone was in good spirits!

Then today we went and bought some bedding and a few more bits and bobs we’d need to live out of the car

We then headed to a cafe for lunch and I only remembered to take a photo of my juice, so I’ll pop in another of our drinks from yesterday:

Then we had ice cream on the beach despite the strong winds! And headed to a mall to make up for the disappointment of yesterday and it was a huge American Style one so didn’t disappoint!

Tomorrow we head back towards Bundaberg as we have secured a place at a hostel there and some tomato picking work from Friday! 

We’ll keep you updated on our road trip.


Jake & Georgia 



4 thoughts on “Concrete Jungle ”

    1. The man who runs the hostel said he’ll try and get us on stone fruits ASAP as that pays a bit better and there’s more work so we’re not 100% sure how long we’ll be on tomatoes! We’ll ring you both tomorrow and chat you through it in a bit more detail! ☺️ xxxx


  1. Hi both, that car event is like our Red Bull Challenge,looks good fun pity about the rain though.
    Tomatoe picking sounds interesting, good to know you’re saucing some work!!…sorry just had to be said.
    Hope the hostel is good too, have you said good bye to your relatives yet Jake? sounds like you are pretty much independant already.
    We are expecting high winds here later today but it is unseasonly warm…….makes winter shorter hopefully.
    Keep the interesting pictures coming, I had a look at Tambourine Mountain on the laptop with a vertual look around, awesome views. Love OMC ………stay safe. XX


    1. The road turned into a waterfall it was mad!
      Haha nice.. Jake rolled his eyes at that one
      We’re having dinner with them tonight and heading to the cinema as a final night together.
      Glad you could see what we saw!
      Love you xx


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