Tamborine Mountain

After a pretty rubbish nights sleep we got ourselves ready for the day and headed to Tamborine Mountain. Here we did a walk through the rainforest, we did a sky walk through the rain forest and we went on a glow worm cave tour!

Unfortunately cameras and phones weren’t allowed in the cave so I wasn’t able to take a photo, but imagine you walked right into a galaxy, that’s pretty much the closest thing I can compare it to, it was breathtaking.

We stopped for lunch at a pizzeria and were thrilled when we found out it was owned by an Italian; the food was amazing. 

A bird did swoop down and steal some ham off the top of it but we tried not to let it ruin our meal. We also got some drinks that were made in Bundaberg!

I’ll attach a video of the rainforest photos as there are way too many for me to try and upload them all separately!


Jake & Georgia



6 thoughts on “Tamborine Mountain”

  1. Huge pizza! And the rainforest looks amazing – just like Costa Rica 😊
    You both look like you’re having a brilliant time ….enjoy! 😘😘


  2. Amazing video work and the music is ideal, hello both, the forest is spectacular and I can imagine all the running water and wildlife sounds as you trek through the glades.
    The Pizza is massive and I assume consumed in one sitting by you both? Do we serve Pizza’s that big over here?…….. OMC is in out of touch mode!!
    I hope you slept better last night ( It’s 11:10 pm your time as I write this so you are probably close to ZZZZ time and read this in the morning. take care lots of love XX ……and stay safe.


    1. It sounded lovely! Especially when it started to rain.
      Yep- I think Flavours in Evesham do them that big! So head there..also for good gelato!
      We slept really well last night, Daisy sleeps in our room and normally starts barking at random stuff and scratching the door, but she slept through the night therefore we did too! xx


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