Clouds and Big Toe Woes

We started our day off with a walk along the beach and a swim in the sea.. it was cloudy today so the water was cold! But it was welcome as I’ve been bitten on my big toe, so the cold water helped calm down the itching but not the redness.. I’ve walked around all day being serenaded by Jake with his own version of Rudolph the red toed reindeer. 

We walked further along the beach this evening after some gelato (even Jake had some!) and found a lookout on top of a steep hill, photo opportunity!


Jake & Georgia



6 thoughts on “Clouds and Big Toe Woes”

  1. Gelato…………….Mmnn…… never tried it but I am now curious especally if Jake has had some!
    Good to see the coast line you are enjoying but no deck chair attendants anywhere and a super picture of you both, there looks to be some quite tall structures along the beach side.
    Our weather forecast here says we may get 22 C at the weekend, we may be competing with you guys.
    Love the updates, take care & stay safe both and …………G’ look after that toe!! XX


    1. It’s very good ice cream.. go to Flavours in Evesham!
      That’s Surfers Paradise you can see in the background where the buildings curve around 🙂
      I think it’s meant to be stormy here the next few days! Xx


  2. Again – great pictures. It looks so lovely over there. It’s great to see you both looking so relaxed and happy 🙂
    Georgia, What bit your toe? xxxx


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