Today we made the most of the freedom that comes with having our own car, we went to Springbrook! 

Springbrook is a forest wilderness formed by the eruption of a volcano 23 million years ago. We went from a walk along the beach to being in a rainforest in an hour! 

We walked for about an hour before we reached a small waterfall called Warringa Pool, so we took the opportunity to take a dip!

It was the coldest water ever. But we were glad for the refresher before heading back up the mountain as it was so hot in the rainforest!

And then Jake climbed a fallen tree before we headed back:


Jake & Georgia



11 thoughts on “Warringa”

  1. Hi both,
    you took a dip!!? and walked in a rain forest!!? where are the snakes and creepy crawlies?
    Good to see your making some good memories……for us too. lots of love XX


  2. Hello my little darlins – great to see you’re enjoying getting out and about in your new car 🚗 😊
    Met a friend today who lives in Australia and she told me about some places you must visit and places where good to work. I’ll send the info by messenger (or is it best to send by email?)
    So enjoying seeing these blogs – can’t wait for the next instalment.😊🙃😘😘
    Love ya loads 😘😘


  3. That’s amazing guys 🙂 I’m still way too jealous to say too much!! Glad you’re coping lol .. love you xxxxxxxx

    Back home we’re enjoying the leaves starting to fall from the trees, the nights are drawing in and I’m starting to think about putting the heating on. It’s definitely autumn.


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