Chrysler Voyager 


A 2006 Chrysler Voyager. All the back seats fold flat so we can construct a frame back there and have a bed! Below example of how the seat closest has disappeared into the floor..

We are so relieved and happy to finally have something that belongs to us out here 


Jake & Georgia



11 thoughts on “Chrysler Voyager ”

  1. Oh brilliant, fantastic, amazing news. So happy for you both. 😄😘😘
    It’s looks lovely – what a great find. Well done my darlins. Looking forward to all the road trip news now. 😘😘😘


  2. Woo Hoo!! well that’s a relief, the silence was deafening and I could only imagine you were spending all your time going around the car lots researching the forecourts. I’m very happy for you both, I’m impressed with the bow but it could have done with being slightly uurr bigger…………..OMC always the joker.
    Here’s to the open road and new adventures XX……….and stay safe.

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