Our prepurchase inspection showed around $2,500 worth of work had to be done on the car, and the dealership refused to budge on price and refused to fix anything that the mechanic had hi-lighted as an issue.

The search continues and our patience wears thin.


Jake & Georgia 


6 thoughts on “Pajer-no”

  1. Not everything is better in the land of Australia then, sounds like some very shady people trying to knock off, young British back packers whom they must think are stupid. Glad to see you two are not. !!!!!! Xx


  2. Here, here, I totally agree with Susie on this and am a little short of angry……………..
    ……………….Hi guys, I’m sorry you’re having such a bad experience on purchasing a car, I’m glad you had a mechanic check it over it’s obviously the only way, I woke up this morning eager to see progress and I am very sad for you today.
    They need some OMC therapy over there!!………….anyway both it will come right, I think if I put a little note on my Volvo forum some one may know the right way to deal with this (no not with a Volvo) as some people on the forum do live in Aussie.
    Yes it’s a long shot but hey ….who knows. I will keep you posted.Urmmnn just as matter interest and for the record where exactly are you on the Gold Coast, Zip Code? or something.
    Take care and stay safe XX


  3. I’ve already had a reply to my forum note, apparently the Aussies have a saying “If you want to go out into the bush buy a Landrover…….if you want to come back buy a Land Cruiser” but it may be out of your price range……… XX…..OMC on the case


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