We got woken up this morning at 5:30am by this cheeky lady, Daisy:

We are both enjoying having a dog around though.

So, we finally (dependant on pre-purchase inspection) have a car! 

It’s been a real struggle trying to find something big enough for us to sleep in, in good condition, and in our price range. Cars here hold their value so much which we were not expecting so we’ve realised our budget was not realistic for what we want. For example, we asked the dealer hypothetically what my little fiesta could have been sold for here, they said $5,000 without a doubt! 

Yesterday we went to see a Land Rover Discovery. It was an automatic diesel, it had a few bumps and bits of wear and tear but it was better than others we’d seen-

But as we took it on a test drive the noise when it tried to go through gears was an unbearable crunching noise. We told the sellers to go and take it to a mechanic because no one in their right mind would buy the car sounding like that. 

We felt a bit deflated after yet another failed viewing (it was our 4th) we decided to up our budget and found a Mitsubishi Pajero, 20 minutes away. We went to see it today and it was in extremely good condition, it’s big enough to sleep in as well as have a good amount of storage! And everything seems to work hallelujah! So we’ve put a deposit down and we’re having a mechanic check it over tomorrow before we buy it.

If all goes well I’ll post a photo of the outside tomorrow! 


Jake & Georgia 



7 thoughts on “Pajero ”

  1. AhHa….. a Paj’ eh? a Jap import from Mitzibushi and an excellent tough vehicle, Timing Belt should be changed every 100,000K plus water pump BUT sounds like the last owners were pretty reasonable and looked after it. Has it towed much stuff ? the clutch will have been given extra work, is it auto or manual?…………….ah em!! just interested and not judging your purchase.
    The Discovery was a no no and you are best to avoid em’ out there anyway, good to see you have a dog around for a while “Daisey”……….Mmnn noiiice!!
    Keep us posted and good luck with the Paj, it’s a good choice and should serve you well.
    Been raining again here and I’m trying to replace ALL the fencing and posts in the back yard, our Autumn weather is pants this year!! Take care both and lots of loveXX


    1. Hi OMC! It’s an automatic and we don’t think it was used in a towing sort of situation- we think it was just a business man’s car!
      Yeah we realised afterwards that the discos always have issues with air con and that would be rubbish here if that broke!
      That’s a lot of fencing.. does that mean the Amazon is finished?!
      Love you xx


      1. Uurmmn NO the Amazon is not finished,the weather has not been good for spraying and I thought while the weather was naff that the back yard (not the garden) fencing was in need of an upgrade as it was an embarrassment to the house. The Amazon will be an ongoing project but I need your weather here please. Also Janes Volvo will be up for sale as soon as I replace the rear springs thanks to Britains pot holes!! So peeps……………………..much to do and the nights are drawing in. Ted continues his recovery but I’ve removed my drums from the lounge at the mo’ as he’s taken refuge in there and I’ve no practice time for Ooooh at least 12 months, anyway he looks stupid with ear defenders!!!……..TR will be next in the que…….!! love you too……lots & lots, stay safe both xx


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