Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Fun Fact: kangaroos are really soft.

Today we visited the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which has all the Aussie animals in that you never see in British animal parks. So now we’re all clued up on what can kill us.. and we know what dingos look like:

We both agreed that if we had seen one walking along a road we’d have both naively stopped to see if it was a lost dog- so luckily we know better now! 

After the sanctuary we walked along the beach, and now we’re chilling out back at the house. 


Jake & Georgia 



4 thoughts on “Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary”

  1. Haha – when I saw that first picture of you with the kangaroo, I thought that’s a bit dangerous. I thought you had come across it outside somewhere 😜🤣
    love ya loads 😘😘😘😘


  2. Fab that you’re all clued up on what animals are dangerous, no matter how cute they might look! And I’m pleased you’re getting to chill out and enjoy the beach. Keep working on that tan Chickadee!! Love to you both ☺️ xxx


  3. G’day, glad you’re getting clued up on the dodgy wildlife, I would have stopped and picked up a Dingo!! thinking he would have liked a ride like Ted does, as for the Kangaroo he looks very lovable. Enjoy the Ocean and the lower temperatures by the sea (well hopefully) It’s always going to hotter in land I guess especially now summers coming……………
    Take care and love the pictures and updates.
    Stay safe XX


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