Gold Coast

After a car ride, two trains, a bus and an über we are at the Gold Coast! We are also extremely lucky and have been treated to a room at The Star hotel and casino for the night by Jake’s aunty, Debs. 

We’ve eaten in one of the many hotel restaurants and we are feeling worlds away from the cattle ranch.

It’s also rained today! For the first time in 6 months according to our Uber driver, we hope the rain has reached Andrew and Deb on the farm as the cows needed to eat something green! 


Jake & Georgia 



3 thoughts on “Gold Coast”

  1. How fantastic 😃
    It will be great for you to catch up with Jenny, Anna and Greg too. Isn’t that so lovely Deb doing that for you both. What a contrast too from where you’ve just been. How was the train journey? Enjoy that pool. Sending lots of love xxxxxx


    1. Very lovely of her! We feel very spoilt! The train journey was long, and our second train got cut short due to work on the tracks so we had to get a bus replacement, but they organised it well which is the main thing! I recorded some of the scenery so I think Jake will put that on Instagram tomorrow ☺️ xxxxxx


  2. Oooh you can’t get more diverse than that experience, good to hear the rain has appeared , …………………….6 MONTHS!!! Blimey Weather overcast here, been to Prescott American Weekend with Ross,Ash’ Loz & Ben and had a good day…..
    I hope the Casino brings you some good fortune and what a kind gesture. Take care XX


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