Last Supper 

Today was our last day on the farm. We spent most of it at the neighbour’s for their kids’ birthday party! Which means we had cake with a lot of cattle farmers. 

After the party we made our way back to the beach house for our last night. We managed to do the worst stretch of road in daylight as the headlights on the car have been damaged by a collision Deb had last night with a kangaroo.. it was the 8th one the car has hit in the past 2 years, and it has made a decent dent in the bull bar and smashed some of the lights. 

We stopped for Mexican at Guzman Y Gomez which went down a treat! Jake had a burrito and I had quesadillas.. unfortunately we were so hungry we forgot to take a photo so here is the end result:

Once at the beach house we had a little visitor- (if you are not a fan of spiders I would advise you scroll no further) 

We are hoping he was a lone traveller.


Jake & Georgia



6 thoughts on “Last Supper ”

      1. Now that’s what I call a spider, imagine the web that must make and more to the point what does it catch?!!.
        Yes pity to hear about the car and I don’t expect the Kangaroo was too impressed bless it.
        So ………….the beach house eh? ……….has a certain ring to it considering the hot weather you’re having at the moment, enjoy,
        I take it the train is yet to be experienced……..happy travelling XX.


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