Lands End 

G’day folks, on Sunday we will leave the cattle and head back to the coast.. the Gold Coast to be exact! We’ll be visiting some of Jake’s family there.

Due to the Internet at the farm being quite restricted I haven’t been able to do any blog posts involving photos, so I’ve decided to hold them all back and give you a mass photography post as we’re in town at the moment so my internet is unrestricted!

For the past week we have been at Lands End cattle farm. The house was built in the 1950’s and has remained pretty untouched since. The farm is 15,000 acres with 1,500 cattle.

During our stay we started to strip paint off the garage walls as all the paint had weathered. We mowed the lawn and cleaned the house up a bit. 

Our most rewarding moments were when we helped with the weaning cattle- Andrew tries to spend around 3 hours in the morning with the young cattle, getting them used to the dogs, the motorbike, the quad bike and the horses, so he picks his weapon of the day and heads off around 7:30 every morning. We helped him one morning and moved the cows through various gates and into different parts of the yard- there were a few moments where we both froze as the cattle decided to rebel and run in all directions.

Andrew then spends around 1 1/2 hours in the evening gathering the cattle back into their main hold for the night. He once again changes which vehicle he uses to do this. This morning we went on a longer trek to get them used to the quad bikes.

Andrew has been trying to change the method in which he handles the cattle; the meat is graded down depending if it’s too dark which is a result of the cattle being stressed. In order to minimise the stress on the cattle during mustering he’s been working on using body language and where you position yourself around the cattle. If you step close for example, you increase the pressure and they speed up, once you step away you ease the pressure and they slow down. This is a lot calmer than the traditional method of yelling behind the cattle and sometimes hitting them. This means after working the cattle this way from a young age, they get used to being handled and moved in a calm way so when you muster them for the final time in their life, they are calm and feel as though it is like every other day. 

Hopefully you find that as interesting as we do! I’ll post all of the photos I took from our time here, it includes a few animals we saw, a bit of the work we were doing, the three dogs- Buddy (brown coloured) Splash (green collar) and Jinx (purple collar) and of course the cows and some of the farm house! Enjoy ☺️

If you have any questions that the photos may not cover, drop into the comments!


Jake & Georgia 



10 thoughts on “Lands End ”

  1. Great pictures Guys. Brilliant one of Jake with a Cowboy hat and gas mask?? Cutting the grass with the tractor lawnmower (had lots of practise at your Dad’s house eh Georgia!). And the burger – what meat is that? Looks yummy!


    1. Haha he wanted to wear a mask so he didn’t breathe in any paint dust! And mowing is a lot more dusty here.. and it feels wrong cutting grass that’s brown. It was a fried chicken burger, we’ve been living off salad and beef or chicken so it felt good to be a bit naughty!


  2. Hi both, lovely to hear from you, we’ve been looking at the weather for your region and it seems that it’s the hottest Spring on record, even looking at the farm photos makes me feel hot.
    Jakes got his work cut out on the painting programe, does the paint brush manage to get to the wookwork before it dries?!!
    Oooh and dogs, brilliant Georgey’ that’s a bit of home from home for you,thanks for the in depth blog and photos it’s good to read about such a different landscape and life first hand.
    You must be in awe of some of the differences like the beautiful butterfly in the photo,glad you will be back at the coast for a while and touching base with Jakes family.
    Anyway I will now peruse the pictures in depth and leave you to your evening, no updates here except Ted continues to improve and is very restless with so much energy, Amazon work has stopped as Ted is pretty much full time as he chews through his leads if I tie him down the workshop with me…………..nightmare boy…………I’m hoping October is sunny as I need to spray more of the car, oh! and your sign has pride of place at the front of the workshop.
    Take care both love you and stay safe XX


    1. It reached 38 degrees today, we went to the local pool to cool down but it was closed! The paint got tacky quickly when we painted the doorframe last week.. we won’t be around to paint the garage here though!
      I’ve loved having the dogs around, even though they’re working dogs they also like a cuddle and fuss which has been really lovely and filled a bit of a hole in my life- they’re not as big as dad’s though!
      Their butterflies are Australia’s most struggling insect apparently, I think a lot of things eat them.
      Naughty Ted chewing through leads! Hopefully he’ll be back to normal too so you can have some freedom back 🙂 I’m glad the sign has a place!
      Love you xxx


  3. Sounds like you have had a great experience there but so made up you are heading to the Gold Coast to see Deb and the kids. It’s going to be amazing – lets see what the next adventures will be. These blogs are brilliant. Enjoy my darlins xxxx


  4. It’s great to hear from you guys, wish I could give you a hug. Enjoy every moment … you’re young and amenable 😁. We miss you but that’s mainly jealousy … lol. Keep up the posts and photos, it’s brightening up my days xx


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