We got up quite early today to give ourselves time to explore the area a bit when we’d finished our jobs. Jake went off to finish the door we worked on yesterday. On his way there he saw a number of parrots and when he got back he saw a gecko in the car port.

Meanwhile, I stayed at the beach house to cut back the plants along the driveway, during this time I got pooped on by a bird, and had this little lovely waiting for me in the bushes:

I would’ve preferred Jake’s animal sightings, if I’m being honest. Here is a photo of the cut plants and a blue sky:

Once Jake was happy the paint was dry, he came back and we headed to the beach! We played with a frisbee and there might be some footage on our Instagram later of me floating 🙂 

Then we headed to north Bundaberg to view a car- unfortunately the ‘aircon’ that was advertised was a lie and you definitely need aircon in your car here so we decided not to go ahead and purchase.

After feeling a bit deflated we decided to have a walk through Bundaberg and found my idea of heaven..

Anywhere that sells a minimum of two scoops of gelato is a winner in my eyes. 


Jake & Georgia 



4 thoughts on “Righto ”

  1. Oooh that ice cream looks good also some interesting wildlife you have down there! keep a pair of gloves handy when gardening I should……….righto now then…..OMC was talking to a chap at Barry’s bash who has done Australia (went for the experience and help on the building sites) AND he said the same as the “righto” chappy in the sea. DON’T let the farmers have your’e passports as then they don’t sign you off so you can’t move on…..anyway something like that. But he did say that they are not all like that so just beware, a good tip though to the uninformed. Hope a car materialises soon and good luck if the move to the farm is imminent………..stay safe xx


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