Watching paint dry

Good evening from Bundaberg!

We started our day off like yesterday and went for a swim- we didn’t take the go pro today as Jake was teaching me how not to panic in the sea (I had a bit of trouble with a wave machine in France so ever since I’ve been a bit nervous about water that moves) BUT today I calmly floated on my back at least three times! Maybe we can take the go pro tomorrow if we go in again and we can show you my newly found water confidence.

The rest of the day was spent attempting to go and view a car but finding the garage had moved locations and by the time we tracked them down, the car had gone. We then went and bought a paint brush, then headed to the Air BnB to hoover, mop and finish sanding and  painting the door frame we started yesterday.

After that we came back to base and sat on the beach for a little bit. Not very exciting today but at least we’re here! 

Also here is a funny sign we saw outside a school during the holidays:

That’s it from us!


Jake & Georgia



4 thoughts on “Watching paint dry”

  1. hi there its,10.20 am …I am dogsitting Ted…again ?!! OMC is helping prepare Barry’s pig roast over at Mickleton…hoping the rain stays away as party starts at 7pm… weathers looking a bit dubious… glad to hear you making the most of having the beach on your doorstep…I googled Bargara ,,,apparently there is a small eco Island near there ,where you can swim with Manta Rays…I think I would stay with the beach ?!!Take care ..thanks for the blog,its great xx


  2. Awwwww…chickadee…swimming in the sea is fun, fun, fun! Great Nan wouldn’t swim anywhere else 😊 I’m glad you’re getting some time to enjoy the beach and gain confidence in the water. Think ‘Ariel’!!
    Love you lots 😘 Xxx


  3. Ooh looks like you’re getting to grips with some DIY, it will always come in handy. Yes I’ve been at Barry’s ALL day making ready his Pig Roast party and the sun is out at last.
    Trouble is I’ve spent 3 days there putting up a Marquee, arranging bales, running cables and lighting and now I’m too tired to go back and enjoy the evening……….but WE will…woo hoo “party on”.
    Ok so it’s almost 2am there so you will catch up with this when you wake so Good Morning both, no doubt a swim is on the cards to start the day……….enjoy xx


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