When the cat’s away..

The mice will still work very hard. 

Jake dropped Andrew and Deb off at the airport early this morning as they’re going to Sydney for a few days to watch their son perform before he heads off to a ballet school in Germany on a scholarship.

We made the most of being up a bit earlier and had a swim in the sea, you can see the video on our Instagram!

Around mid-morning we headed to the Air BnB property we were at yesterday as we had a few jobs to do there. Jake had to mow:

I had to iron duvet covers and pillow cases and make the beds:

Jake power washed the path around the house: 

And I sanded down a doorway ready to be painted tomorrow:

By the time we’d finished and got back to the beach house we had a little nap, and woke up feeling quite chilly as the wind has picked up a bit tonight! 

Hopefully seeing photos of us actually doing stuff rather than scenic photos will help the jealousy some of you have been experiencing haha! 

I’ll finish with a small video I took whilst we went through Bundaberg


Jake and Georgia 



7 thoughts on “When the cat’s away..”

  1. I thought the Sat Nav voice was Georgia to start with, silly OMC, anyway good to see the jetlag is over and your’e getting to grips with your surroundings. Yes you may be working BUT we’re all still very envious………..and your yards from the Ocean !!! enjoy……… love you xx


    1. Haha I wouldn’t say the jet lag is over completely! We keep waking in the night and then hitting some tiredness during the day but it feels better than when we first got here!
      Love you too xx


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