The fight against jet lag

This is photographic evidence that Jake lost his battle with jet lag before G did last night: 

Victory for G! 

Today we woke up at 7am to the sound of some tropical birds outside our window. (G was also woken up by the birds having an argument at 3am) 

After breakfast Andrew and Deb took us to the bank so we could set up some bank accounts for when we eventually get some paid jobs. They then took us on a drive around Bundaberg so we could get to grips with whereabouts we were- we’ll take some photos the next time we’re there. 

We then helped them clean a property that they put on Air BnB; Jake helped hose down the bricks outside as they get very dusty whilst G stripped the beds and help clean the bathroom and kitchen. This is a palm tree from the garden:

We were then treated to a late lunch of Bro’s pies and local orange juice! Andrew helped Jake set up the perfect shot as he knows we’ve got a blog going:

We both had pea, potato and beef pies.. the insides were not what we expected haha! Very yummy, but it was a layer of a pretty normal beef pie filling, topped with a layer of mushy peas, and then a final layer of mash potato- we don’t know if this is a normal Aussie pie or if it’s special to Bro’s, but maybe we’re missing out by having chunky mixed up pie fillings back home?! 

When we’d finished we went back and hung out the last load of washing at the Air BnB and now we’re back at the beach house! 

A better photo of the amazing beach they have at the foot of the garden:

That’s been our day! 

We hope you’re all well back home, we miss you!


Jake & Georgia



11 thoughts on “The fight against jet lag”

  1. Hi both XX,Jane & I are pleased see you are settling in to your Aussie experience and one couldn’t ask for a better introduction, OMC is getting to grips with this blog business but don’t be surprised if I the odd quirky message appears.
    We look forward to the pictures as the “need to travel bug” has appeared since you left!
    Looks like Jake may be converted to a new pie experience.We are still trying to get used to the feeling of you both “not being down the road”. But this technology thing is so the business anyway looks like it’s time for bed for you guys so sleep tight and stay safe XX


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