Melbourne Part 2.

We spent the majority of our second day walking more and exploring more. We went to a donut and coffee place called Short Stop, I had my first ever latte here and I’m happy to say I really enjoyed it! I also had a chocolate peanut butter caramel donut. I took a photo but didn’t realise there was shadowing on it.. here it is anyway!

After we were pretty content that we’d seen most of what we could we checked out of our hotel and headed to the airport.

We’ve just landed.. in London Heathrow!

We had to come home due to lack of funds, wanting to sort the bank out and we felt we got everything out of Australia that we could.

We are of course disappointed that our trip hasn’t quite gone to plan, but we’re happy to be home!


Jake & Georgia



Melbourne Part 1.

We are having a fairly lazy morning as, to be quite honest, we’re shattered! All the walking we’ve been doing is quite a shock to our bodies as we had got used to sitting in the car!

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Melbourne so not a lot was open other than restaurants and some shops. We have also had some bad luck as far as laundry goes- neither of the hotels we’ve stayed at seem to have a laundry service and if they do they don’t advertise it! So we’ve had to buy some more underwear..

We landed yesterday and got a 50 minute bus to the city, and then hopped on a free transfer to our hotel. After we checked in we headed out for lunch. I had a nacho inspired hotdog and Jake had a lobster roll.

Then we explored the city!

We had dinner at a Thai restaurant. The Asian population here is massive and it’s actually fairly difficult to find places to eat that aren’t Asian inspired or based around coffee, so after trying to find something that took our fancy we ended up in Fomo. Jake had a spicy noodle dish (and boy was it spicy) whilst I had rare beef and was extremely happy about it:

Let’s see what today brings!


Jake & Georgia


The Hungry Caterpillar

Last night we stayed at Gold Coast Holiday Park as there are no free camps around the Gold Coast! It was fairly cheap though and facilities include kitchens, laundry room, hot tub, swimming pool and cafe. So we had a nice evening swim and enjoyed some hot showers!
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